Building Services - Grand Rapids, Michigan

Building maintenance services, including building repair, inspection and preventative maintenance, are a normal part of what we provide for our clients.

Building Inspection

An inspection of your building can catch small problems before they become major catastrophes which can be expensive and cause business down time. A thorough, professional inspection of your building provides peace of mind or a recommended course of action to follow that will keep your building in good condition.

Annual Building Service Contracts

We offer annual service contracts that cover preventative maintenance and repairs which can include programs to increase energy efficiency or improve building performance. Knowing your annual facility maintenance costs in advance can be especially beneficial when it comes to budgeting and cash flow management.

Extended Warranty

If we’ve built your facility, you can extend your standard warranty.

With an extended warranty, AJV Service Professionals will inspect your facility twice annually, making necessary repairs and performing preventative maintenance. This unique service keeps your building operating efficiently and helps reduce the need for costly crisis management in the future.

Projects and Repairs

Service contracts are optional, of course. Instead, you can simply call us whenever you have a specific project in mind. The following list provides some examples of the projects and services we can handle:

Building Inspections
General Carpentry
Pre-Engineered Building Repairs
Floor and wall tile installation and repair
Drywall framing, installation and repair
Replace lighting ballast, outlets, repair or move fixtures
Replace light bulbs, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers
Repair leaky faucets, installation of toilets and sinks
Caulking and sealing of leaking doors and windows
Repair or replace doors, hardware and weather stripping
Repair or replace gutters and down spouts
Shelving installation and repair
Assembling and moving work stations
Installation of bathroom rails, paper and soap dispensers
Installation of coat hooks
Installation of bollards and hand rails
Metal Roof Repairs and maintenance
Siding & Trim Work Repair and Replacement
Crane Services
Exhaust Vents/Roof Fans
Loading Dock Replacement/Removal/Relocation
Mezzanine Construction

Energy Audit/Green Options

We can also audit selected operations or your entire facility for energy usage and identify potential savings. We can even help you understand State and Federal incentives for solar and wind options and the impact of such technologies on your future energy use.

Contact us to learn how our building services can save you money and maintenance hassles today!