Free Construction Planning Program for Businesses

Construction Planning Made Simple

a.j. Veneklasen, Inc. offers our WhiteBoard Program to any business considering a construction project. This resource can help you determine the viability of both large and small construction projects. Whether it’s a new building, an addition, or a renovation, this program can save you thousands of dollars. And if you use our WhiteBoard process and don’t build, you will have invested nothing but your time.

The entire construction planning program can take as little as a couple of weeks to complete or several months, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

How Our Construction Planning Program Works

Just tell us your ideas and we’ll work with you to crystallize and prioritize your needs. Then we’ll develop some options and prepare the things you’ll need to make your decision. This can include preliminary floor plans, elevations, even a site plan–all at no cost to you. The final step is to develop a preliminary estimate and an implementation schedule. From this point, when, how and if you proceed with the project is your decision and yours alone.

Your Risk-Free Options

We offer the WhiteBoard program because it gives us an opportunity to know you and you the opportunity to know us. Obviously, we hope you will move ahead with the project and choose us as your Design-Build or general contractor. If so, we have a long list of additional services you can take advantage of under our VeneBuilt℠ program.

If you decide, for any reason, not to build the project, you won’t owe us a dime.

You are, of course, under no obligation to use a.j. Veneklasen, Inc. for the project. Your final option is to proceed with another contractor. In that case, we’ll invoice you for the time we invested in developing your project construction plan. You would have paid someone for that work anyway, so even in this worst case situation you still don’t lose a thing. There really is no risk to you.

Service contracts are optional, of course. Instead, you can simply call us whenever you have a specific project in mind. The following list provides some examples of the projects and services we can handle:

Construction planning doesn’t get any easier than this.

Contact us today to learn how our free construction planning program can jumpstart the process to make your vision a reality!

Pro-Bono Studio - Free Construction Planning for Non-Profits

a.j. Veneklasen, Inc. established the Pro-Bono Studio to support the construction planning and pre-construction needs of non-profit organizations (NPO). If your NPO is considering a new construction or remodeling project, we can help you explore your building options without cost or commitment.

Serving Those Who Serve Others

Simply call us to schedule a meeting where we’ll discuss your goals and determine which of the following services best matches your needs:

Commercial Real Estate/Building Evaluations
Site Selection/Evaluation
Project Viability

Together, we’ll establish a schedule to complete the process. Pro-Bono Studio is a collaborative effort in which we share information and ideas. Ultimately, we’ll develop building solutions that reflect your vision, meet your goals, and match your financial resources.

To assist you in gaining approvals and raising funds we prepare the following presentation materials:

Building Elevations
Floor Plans
Site Plans
Preliminary Schedules

Watching your ideas come to life is an exciting process, yet utilizing our Pro-Bono Studio, you can accomplish it with no upfront or hidden costs.

You can use these planning and design documents in handouts, brochures, presentations, web sites and newsletters. Our hope, of course, is that your fundraising will be successful and you will hire us to complete the project, although you’re under no obligation to do so.

By choosing us, however, you save the cost of these upfront steps. And if your project never leaves paper, you will not be charged. Only in the unlikely case that you choose to build your project with another contractor would you need to reimburse us for our time.

Qualifying Organizations

The following organizations—and similar NPOs—will be considered for Pro-Bono Studio:

Community Development Organizations
Elderly Care Groups
Private Schools and Private Colleges
Social Organizations
Youth Organizations and Camps

Pro-Bono Studio is a special program with limited capacity. We’ll do all we can to provide you with an opportunity to take advantage of this program, but we cannot guarantee it will be available when you want it.

NOTE: If you know a business that’s considering a building project, have them contact us about WhiteBoard™, a similar construction planning program designed for commercial and industrial projects.