Pre-Engineered Buildings

a.j.Veneklasen, Inc. is an authorized contractor for VP Buildings, the industry leader in pre-engineered metal buildings. With more than 35 years experience with pre-engineered metal buildings, we can show you numerous examples of lowrise, non-residential buildings that combine functionality with extraordinary aesthetic appeal.

VP Building’s manufacturing methods can satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements. With advanced construction methods we can incorporate glass, brick, stone, or pre-cast concrete for special purposes or distinctive appeal. Metal buildings can be as much as 30% lighter than conventional steel buildings. Lighter weight means less steel, which lowers the cost of the structural framework.

The Process

We start by using the most advanced computer system in the industry, VP Command™, to significantly reduce design and estimating time. Our experience as a full-service general contractor gives us an advantage over providers of similar buildings because we have a realistic view of what you can expect and what it will take to achieve your goal. More importantly, we can also help you compare the pre-engineered option with conventional buildings.

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