Rough and Finish Carpenters - Grand Rapids, Michigan

As a full-service General Contractor in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we perform both rough and finish carpentry. Our crews bring extensive experience, efficiency, and quality to every project.

Good results require a passion for creating fine woodwork. Our finish carpenters are true artisans known for their exceptional attention to detail. They’ve trimmed-out hundreds of projects and take great pride in their finished product.

Both Big and Small Projects

In addition to working on new construction projects, our carpentry services cover demolition, restoration and remodeling work, too. Smart building owners recognize the problems associated with being their own general contractor and coordinating multiple trades on even a small project. Instead, they name a.j. Veneklasen, Inc. as their contractor because they know our multi-talented carpentry crews will save them time and money.

Contact us to learn how our skilled carpenters can quickly and safely make your vision a reality!