a.j. Veneklasen has successfully completed hundreds of projects using the Design-Build process. Instead of hiring an architect and contacting us after the plans are completed, Design-Build makes us responsible for the entire process from concept to completion.

Seven benefits of Design-Build

  1. Singular Responsibility. One supplier for your project, giving you more time to build your business instead of building a building.
  2. Quality. In the traditional design-bid-build process, the building owner must warrant that design documents are complete and free from error. With Design-Build, full responsibility rests with the design-build firm, maximizing their motivation to perform high-quality work.
  3. Cost Savings. When working together as a team, design and construction personnel evaluate alternative materials and methods efficiently and continuously, resulting in reduced costs for building owners.
  4. Time Savings. With Design-Build, the need for bidding periods and redesigns is eliminated. In fact, design and construction often overlap and “Fast-Track” construction techniques can be utilized.
  5. Reduced Administrative Burden. With a single source approach, communication and paperwork is streamlined, providing a much more efficient process.
  6. Early Knowledge of Guaranteed Costs. Guaranteed construction costs are solidified much earlier because the same company responsible for design is simultaneously estimating construction costs and can more accurately conceptualize the completed project.
  7. Improved Risk Management. Since the contractor develops the drawings and specifications, change orders during construction for “errors and omissions” are drastically reduced. Thus, the likelihood of meeting cost, schedule and quality goals is significantly increased.